Bobbi Brown Favorites

My mother has worn Bobbi Brown cosmetics almost exclusively for as long as I can remember. My first forays into makeup, scrounging through her bathroom drawers while she was at work, set me up for a lifetime of disappointment. The bar is a little high for my student budget. Still, there are two Bobbi products that I would sell my spleen to keep in my makeup bag.

The Creamy Concealer Kit: I’ve never been one for foundation, so a good concealer is key. This one knocks it out of the park. It’s got near perfect coverage and never feels cakey. There’s a collection of similar products, but the kit is my favorite. It’s a duo with a powder to set the cream concealer. You can buy the concealer alone though I find it creases if not set and the various other powders I’ve tried in tandem tend to mess with the color. The corrector is another related product designed specifically to combat under eye circles. I’ve used it and loved it, but realistically I’m not going to keep buying both. If you’re only going to have one, you want the one that does the job under your eyes and can also cover blemishes and redness. The array of shades is both reasonably far reaching from light to dark and includes varied undertones. I can only speak from my own pastily complected experience, but I’m pleased with how close a match I’ve found.

Lip Color (semi matte lipstick) in no. 4/Brown: Bobbi’s range of “nude” colors is meant to enhance your natural lip color rather than match your skin tone. Think no makeup makeup look. I don’t have foolproof taste in lip color and have made some unfortunate adventurous choices. I have never regretted wearing this on any occasion or at any time of day. Other lipsticks have come and gone from my makeup bag but this one endurs. However low you think lip color falls on your list of priorities, when you find a nice one that suits your coloring and your sense of style, it becomes the quickest way to feel like you’ve got your shit together. On days when I wake up late and run out the door still buttoning my pants, this lipstick alone is a full face of makeup.

I repurchase each of these about every six months and have done so for almost five years. Normally I’m all for a good drugstore dupe, but these two products are so good I’d never stray. I’ve inherited my mother’s obsession. Do you have any Bobbi products in your makeup bag?


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